An American vs America:USA Inc.!!!

There is much anger in the world towards America, and this is a problem for the citizens of this country. How do we correct this?

The government of USA, Inc., is causing so much unrest in the world, most of this unrest even upsets most Americans. Going to war in Syria, bad idea! Sanctions for Russia? For what??? Crimea did not wish to be part of a racist and fascist government that took control by force. Crimea took a vote per their own constitution and asked the people if they wanted reaffirm the 1992 constitution as part of Ukraine, or go BACK to Russia. I believe it was 83.6% of the population voted, and 96% of the votes were for returning to Russia.

So lets get this straight, 2 million people in Crimea, 83.6% voted…1,672,000 votes. 96% voted for re-joining Russia after 22 years, 1.672 million = 1,605,120 for and 66,880 against. This sounds like democracy in action. The people are unhappy they VOTED! The did not take up arms, they did not burn down building, there was no work slowdown. They just voted to part ways. Good for them.

So, what is the point of USA inc., throwing a tantrum. It must have something to do with money or corporate monopolies. As far as the American people are concerned, all was done correctly. So Obama and Kerry, sit down and shut up. Its not our problem.

While you are at it, stop bombing families. Lets say that one bomb kills 6 people. Lets be very conservative here, each of these 6 people have JUST 6 close friends. You have now created 36 enemies. So with every bomb you kill with creates 6 times the enemies that you had before the bombing. How many enemies has USA Inc., created in the last 10 years?

How can we get the world to understand that We The People of the United States of America believe this is outrageous and We The People are not responsible for this. We have no control of our government. Me just writing this and posting this, can list myself as an enemy of the state and all my rights granted by God could be removed by my own government at the barrel of a gun.

We, the people, that are owned by USA Inc., currently have no ability to stop all these things. We voted against the Bush war effort by not electing McCain. We voted for a pacifist, and USA Inc., is still at war and killing whole families without “Due Process”. I can now be held against my will, without due process, for voicing my free political speech opinion.

My message to the world is this…. the american people and the AMERICAN government are two very different entities. We as a people want to live and let live, help others in need. Our Government wants to control the world. There seems to be nothing we can do about it.

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