The old mode of Survival vs The New Age of Humanity

This is an paraphrased understanding of both my own past life regression workings of the last 20+ years and a small part of an audio recording of Lee Carol and Kryon dated:

Saturday – March 10, 2013

Survival mode was necessary to keep us alive and well and healthy. Only the strong survived, and we survived, trust me. For most of our early lifetimes we either survived or died trying. Always on our feet, and almost always attempting to either out fight or out do someone or something.

Until we found reason and compassion. This is when we started having troubles. This is where the darkness has been after us. Because we stopped playing their game. We have since been pulling both influences through our lives, the need to be strong, and the need for compassion.

However, because of of the compassion, we have developed the necessity to be in a position of strength, before we can allow ourselves to be compassionate to others.

Those days are over. We will still need those experiences of strength, and power and survival. But we do not need to live there. We are strong, we have survived.

You have survived, enough things in your own life already, that should tell you this, at least enough to know its true. You/we would not be here in this “NOW” without those experiences. We would not know that there is more to life than what was, and what is still trying to be.

We are going to push humanity through to the other side, that is ALL there is to do. Once we can do that, then we will need to reach back into the past and pull forth all the skills and lessons learned to build a better world. The world we attempted start anytimes in the past, and was either killed or banished for our troubles.

We are in a new age of humanity where survival of the individual is no longer the issue. The issue is how do we want humanity to grow or transition from its teenage years into adulthood. This is what WE are defining by our actions.

I wrote this for my Love/Muse but as a re-read it, and changes a few select words it is really a message to everyone who believes we are in a position to help humanity.

There will be more, My Muse is keeping me going!


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