We Old Timers have the most work to do.


Ron, Ron, Ron. You just proved Kryons point. Please let me explain.

Since you have been around the block a few times, you understand that “energy focused, creates”. I do not care if you are talking about a preteen witch doing a love spell, or a devoted Christian’s prayers for relief of a condition or a blessing. This focusing of energy or intent has an effect upon the universe. What we put out to the universe, is returned to us.

Here are a few examples: The war of Poverty, gave us more poverty. The war on Drugs, gave us more drug users. The war on terror has created more terrorist. Why is that??? You could get into the whole power and control that does exist. Or you can realize how the power and control system works in the first place.

The war on Drugs is a fine example! We to going to take on the battle of the all the negative effects that drug use and sales in our communities. Sounds very positive, right? Wrong, the focus and the energy is on “Drugs”!, The focus is on its uses, and abuse, its sale, its ability to destroy a community. So, the universe creates for us the reality we are seeking to experience. Instead of eliminating “drugs” we just made the issue larger.

This is how every issue we have attempted to tackle has gotten more out of control. Now, I just watch 16 minutes and 45 seconds of someone that was angry. Its obvious that you have been angry about this for several hours. Now you just packed all of that anger and frustration into 16 minutes and stored that negativity on youtube and at the time of me writing this, you have potentially infected almost 1000 of your followers to this negativity. THIS is exactly why Kryon is giving this message, at this time! Before, that WAS the best we had. The was the only way to solve our problems. But, the game has changed.

Now, I am assuming that there were a few points in Kryons message, that you missed, because this message got personal for you. So, let me see if I can help you see the rest of the message. The message is not about putting ones’ head in the sand and ignoring the problem. The message is about how to better get that message to the right souls that really need to hear the message. IF you are going to go around and bang the drum, then too many people are going to avoid your drum, long before they ever hear your message.

Like you, I have been doing this work for 20 years or more, I have been listening to Kryon since 2001. I have never found Kryon to be wrong. I have however, had to really push myself to understand the more difficult messages, that have been given throughout the years. This was one message that I needed to also take a closer look at myself and my actions.

Like you, I have been pointing out the hand behind the scene, the wrongs and injustices of the world for a very long time, and in my family and community I have had a reputation. I do many “good works” and when I am at places with people being busy with things I like to help out. About 6 months ago I was folding up some tables & chairs with someone and some news report was on. This woman saw the report, and said “that is so sad.” To which I replied, “yes, it is all very sad, both what has happened and how easily they can lie to us about what really happened.” And that is all I said. She continued to remove the items from the tables as I folded and put them away. And we both finished watching the news broadcast. I ran into her a few days after listening to Kryons message, she told me that she has been paying attention and she can now sometimes tell when they are lying to us on the air.

I know that me spending 15-20 minutes beating my drum, I could have never reached this person. But all of my other actions gave me the opportunity for just a few well chosen words. In this new energy, hate speech will not be tolerated.

Kryon did not tell you to stop seeking the truth, Kryon asked you to become more than just your mission. Humanity is waking up. We have turned a corner, you no longer have to “shout from the rooftops” your message. You do not need to tell someone over and over again how wrong things are, when now, a simple phrase will do.

My Dear Ron, People like you and I have lived too long in the old energy. We are the ones that have the most changes we will need to make to align ourselves into this new energy. Kryon is not telling you to stop the work you do. Kryon is asking you to change the way you work with and interact with people. To stop “spinning” in the problem and start “living” in the solutions. The unspoken message of Kryon is to tell people like you and I, we have been heard! There are now enough people awake, Its now time to lay the foundations.

IF you need proof of that, you have it already in your own life. Would The Ambassador to one of the Dragon Families be talking with you, if it was not time for new beginnings?

I do love your work Ron.




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